SOA Fundamentals

  • What is SOA?
  • What it isn't?
  • What are the priorities of SOA?
  • What are the benefits of SOA?
  • How to realize the benifits of SOA?

SOA Terminology

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Service Oriented Computing
  • Service Compositions
  • Service Inventory
  • and more...

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The different roles in a CoE

The goal of the CoE is to help harmonize the company's existing business and IT processes with a new solution's architecture.

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Timing the CoE

A CoE may form organically as part of the move towards SOA. Malinverno said the ones that work best are naturally formed as a company goes through the initial SOA projects.

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Why Build a CoE?

Organizations create a CoE to ensure singular focus and to channelize the investments required to absorb new technologies, standards and processes into the broader organization and build capabilities around them.

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Building a successful CoE

In order to simplify the development of the CoE, the process can start out with the core personnel responsible for understanding the needs of IT architectures and business processes.

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The Philippine Service Oriented Architecture Center Of Excellence or (SOA CoE) is an organization that provides Training, Consulting, Design and Development of Service Oriented Architecture for our clients.

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